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Top Value Adding Technological Advancements in Global Display Market

Digital technology explosion revolutionized the relationship between consumers, industries, businesses and economies leading to consumerization of Information Technology. Pioneering innovations and development of display technologies have made this technological shift possible. Traditionally categorized by application into Video Displays, Non- Video displays and 3D displays – improved display technology delivered enhanced visualization experience in videos, images and text-based information.
Display technology has been in the forefront of indispensable tools in dominant industrial segments of consumer electrical, entertainment, transportation, healthcare, etc as well as diverse industries like sports, retail, food chains, etc.
Various Display Technologies and Understanding of Leading Technologies
LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) – The bulky and heavy CRT is substantially replaced by flat-panel LCDs in almost all applications. With a wide range of applications from portable devices, consumer electronics, industrial interactive displays systems LCD entirely transformed the viewing experience.
The first-generation LCD offers innovative solutions and convenience to consumer electronics and home entertainment product categories such as smart televisions, smartphones and smart appliances operating in a home area network, IoT, computer monitors, and digital cameras etc.
Commercial and Industrial display devices are widely used in automotive, pharmaceuticals, energy, oil & gas, retail industries. Rugged industrial monitors with embedded boards, cloud-based digital signage systems, outdoor display large TV screens and panel mounted display are all accessible in LCD technology.
Interactive display in the form of cloud-based touch LCD screen technology with intuitive touch applications are found nearly everywhere like Touch screen ordering at MC Donald’s or Self-check-in and ticketing Kiosks at airports and hospitals operating in a digital environment can access big data and analytics through a low-tech and relatively priced interface.
Though LCD remains display of choice of many electronic devices and Large-screen TV’s, their inherent selective blocking areas of the backlight to make the images and heavy crystalline layers leads to higher power consumption (most of the LCD power goes to the backlighting). This is especially a design shortcoming for battery-operated devices such as cell phones and where LED and OLED score majorly.
LED/OLED – (Light-emitting diode and Organic light-emitting diode) – breakthrough technological advancements in LED/OLED enabled concept devices like smart wearables -Fitbit digital exercise watches or Apple’s smartwatch. Virtual reality head-mounted display goggles, AR devices use LED and OLED, LED extensively.
OLED further offers many advantages as the light-emitting layers of an OLED are both lighter and brighter. OLEDs with wide fields of view are the forefront for flexible and foldable display with increasing presence in the smartphone, TV, AR/VR and smartwatch markets.
Next-generation Flexible panel displays lead by OLED continue to dominate market presence and capture a fair share of the critical mass of demand reserved for LCD, including small and medium displays and smartphones.
QLED and MiniLED – (Quantum Dot Display and Micro LED) – Emerging display technology use semiconductor nanocrystal and microscopic LED’s save on power consumption, therefore, are energy efficient and have better response times and exceptional display with deep contrast and clarity. Manufacturers of smartphones and smartwatches are constantly focusing on including micro-LED technology. However, high costs have been a major deterrent for achieving higher adoption rates in case of both.
Future of display technology – Flexible, Curved and Bendable display, OCLD
Flexible displays could provide endless possibilities for design and innovation. Some of the emerging technologies are the Lenovo Cplus prototype, which starts as a thin handset but takes a new format as a wristband or Instant colour or pattern changing clothing, as per the environment, particularly useful for soldiers and also Digital Car dashboard screens with in-built GPS and Cameras.
Organic Liquid Crystal Display (OLCD) enables exciting changes in technology.
Bosch introduced Limitless Screen by projection technology converting any surface into a touch screen. The concept-based rollable TV by LG with its stunning design presents an opportunity to next-generation home entrainment devices. A wrap-around cylindrical AMOLED Screen displaying videos and images offered with ALEXA speaker is imaginative.
Potential future of next-generation flexible and foldable displays such as OLED, SED, laser TV, MEMS display, FLD, LPD, et, thanks to a very promising, higher performance and differentiated form factor. Manufacturers focus fixed on better visual with high-resolution and very bright low reflectance high ambient light displays.

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