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Top Robotic Lawn Mowers That Are Influencing the Market in 2019

The autonomously functioning robotic lawn mowers are known to ease the effort and minimizes the time invested for the weekly mowing chores when it automates the yard maintenance with nearly zero effort on the consumer’s end. The robotic lawnmowers market supplies essentially the self-sufficient devices which can navigate easily across the lawn in any kind of terrain. Below list analyzes the top ten robotic lawn mowers that are available in the market, which can help determine the product as per consumer requirement.

  1. Worx WG794 Landroid Lawn Mower
    It can initiate grass chopping from the box itself due to the pre-program setup on the unit. Navigating through obstacles and functioning even after bumping are some of the favoured criteria that make it attractive to the consumers. Also, the characterizations like thickness, stature, etc. that the blade can clip can be chosen manually alongside setting up the perimeter of the area to be mowed with the help of the guidewire. It can recharge itself by automatically moving to the charging station. It will also return to the charging station if it starts to rain. The robot lawnmower requires assistance when it moves within an enclosed space.
  2. The Husqvarna Automower 430x model
    Features of this particular model that grabs attention is its integrated GPS tracker technology that helps map the entire lawn into the unit’s system and its waterproof design. Coupled with the boundary guide wires, it regulates the mower’s movement within the restricted areas and keeps the grass trimmed efficiently. Additionally, it docks into the charging station by itself when necessary. The withholding factor for the Husqvarna model is that it has customer support for issues related to the order, but no technical support is offered for installing or fixing the Automower 430X.
  3. The Automower 315 model from Husqvarna
    There is a signal generated from the charging station of the Automower 315 into the loop wire that regulates its movement around the lawn to mow & to get charged when required. Unlike the available robotic lawn mowers, instead of cutting the grass, it can clip it into finer dimensions, which when left untouched in the soil, it turns into manure to sustain the plant life. Despite its feature of smart navigation, it lacks the loop wire, which places the device at a rectifiable disadvantage position as it can be obtained from the company installation kits.
  4. The 220 AC Automower
    The Automower can function as per certain circadian aspects since it can automatically work during the daytime to trim the grasses. With its bump sensor, it can detect any large obstacle in its path and change its direction, and it can essentially move within the perimeter set by the loop wire. In addition, the robot mower can also level up its safety measure by switching off its blade when the user lifts it. However, there is a slight possibility that the mower finds it difficult to move in an enclosed area.
  5. Robomow RS630 Robotic Lawn Mower
    It has twin blades that can mow the grass of length up to 3.25 inches, which allows the user to have more options by desirable height for the grass. The unit can be secured through a PIN code that essentially acts as a safety feature for inhibiting its misuse by children. Regrettably, the mower lacks a timer function that does not permit it to work during certain days.
  6. Robomow RX12 Robotic Lawn Mower
    Robomow mower can cover a large area within its perimeter with ease due to one of its standout features which helps it to trim the grasses efficiently through the edge mode of RX12 blade and minimized noise. The ease with which it can navigate through the slopes is also very commendable. But RX12 cannot schedule its function on definite days or hours.
  7. HJJH Intelligent Lawn Mower
    This particular mower can customize its usage by scheduling its work on any day. It can dock by itself to charging station for avoiding bad weather or when it functions at low charge. Locating the unit by emitting the alarm noise to alert the user when it gets stuck, halts its movements, or goes out of the boundary set, can also minimize the risk of thieves from pilfering it. It is difficult for the mower to weave its way through complex nooks and crannies of the lawn spaces.
  8. Denna L600 Robot Lawn Mower
    The Denna L600 is fully capable for mowing the nasty hilly yards with its ability to maintain an inclination of 30 degrees, mowing 9.44 inches wide while covering an area of 2,300 square feet in a day. The blade has strong ABS plastic with a longer lifespan than the usual ones. It is available in two models with high voltage batteries, and both of them take a longer time for charging than the contemporary mowers, but with a longer lifespan.
  9. McCulloch ROB 1000
    It operates easily with a simple set of installation and can work at low noise levels of approximately 57 Db and prominently mows randomly for minimizing the unflattering dirt tracks made by lawnmowers. It usually operates for an hour and can also function in an inclined plane of 15 degrees. Besides being waterproof, it also has secured protection through a PIN code against theft or to avoid damage if the blades get obstructed. The professional installation is highly-priced at USD 300, but without it, the McColloch ROB 1000 outlays at $1,245 approximately.
  10. LawnBott LB300EL Robotic Mower
    The unit is intended to use for residential and commercial purposes, and it tends at least 2 acres on the go with one session of charging. The mower has a sensor which can detect tall grasses, which helps it to prioritize the parts of the lawn requiring more attention. By choosing the shortest distance between two areas, the mower can efficiently trim the grasses on any terrain. The high price of the device can minimize its sale among certain sects of the consumer pool.
    After much evaluation, for the last few years, a few land mower models have been considered to be of excellent use to the users based on their features, aids, and limitations. The Husqvarna Automower is of commendable value being user-friendly with innovative technology for its blade, safety protection, and anti-theft services. With long functioning hours and large area coverage, it can autonomously locate its corresponding charging base when it runs at the end of its charge.
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