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Top 5 Vendors in the GaN Power Market 2018

Top 5 Vendors in the Gan Power MarketIn the field of power conversion, Silicon is slowly phasing out while GaN (Gallium Nitride) a wide band gap semiconductor material is on a rapid move providing smaller size, faster-switching speed and higher efficiency. The technology is changing the way of life in many aspects and is finding applications across various sectors like Consumer Electronics, Wireless Power, ICT, Medical Science, Defense and Aerospace, Data Center Servers, Augmented Reality/Autonomous Vehicle among others.

The growing demand from the consumer electronics market and government funding for research in the field have been the catalysts for the high value of growth of this market. There is intense competition within the industry, and the top 5 players together hold the major market share. The ongoing competition has led to quite a few acquisitions in this industry as well. The top 5 vendors that are particularly noteworthy due to their advancements in the GaN Power market space are:

  • Efficient Power Conversion Corporation

The company was founded just a decade back in 2007, Efficient Power Conversion Corporation (EPC) has made a huge impact in the GaN market and is one of the leading providers of GaN-based power management technology like eGaN (enhancement-mode gallium-nitride-on-silicon) FETs, ICs, Drivers, and Controllers as its main products. Most of its products have the corresponding development board to assist the power system designers in the evaluation and subsequent adoption of the GaN technology. The firm also provides design support and assembly resources services and has won awards from Electronic Products China Magazine/21iC Media for its Gen 5 eGaN IC and transistor products.

  • On Semiconductor Corporation

Headquartered in Arizona, the US, On Semiconductor Corporation manufactures various GaN-based semiconductors for data and power management. The company is among the top semiconductors sales leaders in the world. It supplies Gan Cascode Transistors and High Voltage Driver Evaluation boards. The company has grown from strength to strength since the time of its inception and acquired several smaller firms, the latest ones being Axsem AG and Fairchild Semiconductors.

  • Infineon Technologies Ag

Infineon Technologies provides various products for the automotive, memory and communications markets. Operating through its 50 subsidiaries spread across Americas, APAC, and EMEA, it provides products that cater to various sectors like data processing, automation, industrial, electromobility, consumer, chip card and security, solar energy systems etc. The product offerings include MOSFET, IGBT, ICs, and Relays among others. In a crucial strategic step towards expansion, Infineon Technologies acquired International Rectifier in 2015 which had further consolidated its market position.

  • Gan Systems Inc.

Headquartered in Ottawa (Canada), GaN Systems Inc. is a fabless semiconductor company which is one of the market leaders in the field. With a strong team with decades of experience, the company manufactures the most exhaustive range of GaN power switching transistors for different markets. The company’s Island Technology addresses the challenges of low-cost manufacturability and performance and helps manufacture devices that are smaller in size and has higher efficiency than the other GaN design approaches. The company has won several awards in the GaN market space including those from Google and IEEE Power Electronics.

  • Panasonic Corporation

Frequently included in the global list of Most Sustainable Companies, Panasonic has developed GaN power devices for various applications; HEV/EV, power supplies, PV inverter and many others. The company’s power transistor family, X-GaN, is one of the principal product lines and it is complemented by other GaN-based high-speed gate drivers. The company has many other product lines in Capacitors, Resistors, Relays and connectors and many more.

Pratik Patra

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