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Top 10 Vendors in the Global Service Robotics Market

Top 10 Vendors in the Global Service Robotics MarketRobots are now being increasingly used for service applications, both in the consumer and institutional space. This unfulfilled demand is being tapped wonderfully by the service robotics market that manufactures many different types of robots which find applicability in multiple industries. Driven by growing demand of service robotics in the medical & healthcare sector, logistics and warehouse automation, education & research institutes, and the lesser payback period supported by higher RoI, the global service robotics market is set to grow at a great pace in the coming years.

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The top vendors that are driving the service robotics market are listed below:


  1. Aethon: Founded in 1997, Aethon offers various autonomous smart mobile robotic solutions that are used for a wide range of applications. Some of the principal products of Aethon are TUG, an autonomous robot that delivers various goods. MedEx, a software system that helps hospitals in tracking internal logistics operations. MedSafe helps in managing order preparation and tracking courier delivery. TraySafe helps in automating replenishment and track medications used in pre-configured kits, and TubeSafe, which removes the possibility of missing doses, and Intralogistics, an automation platform for hospitals. Aethon is based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and is a subsidiary of Vision Technologies Systems.


  1. Bluefin Robotics: Bluefin is known for developing, building, and operating autonomous underwater vehicles and the related technologies for commercial, defense, and scientific customers worldwide. The company offers subsea batteries; and engineering, prototype design, testing and fielding, and marine operations support services. Its products are used in various commercial applications that include survey, scientific applications environmental protection and monitoring, and defense Bluefin was founded in 1997, located in Massachusetts and operates as a subsidiary of General Dynamics Mission Systems.


  1. Parrot SA: Founded in 1994, is a French company that is known for creating, developing, and marketing consumer technology products for tablets and smartphones globally. It offers consumer drones, commercial drones, plug and plays, infotainment products and handsfree kits, audio products & connected devices, and digital music, bluetooth, and infotainment solutions.


  1. Kongsberg Maritime: Founded in 1997 and headquartered in Norway, Kongsberg. Maritime provides products and systems for marine automation, positioning & navigation, safety management, onshore/offshore installations, subsea survey & construction, maritime simulation and training, cargo handling, and satellite positioning solutions. It serves defense, maritime, oil and gas, and aerospace industries in Norway and internationally.


  1. Kuka AG: Known for providing robotic automation solutions globally, Kuka undertakes operation in three segments such as Kuka Systems, Kuka Robotics, and Swisslog. Kuka Systems performs the planning, designing, building production systems and automating production processes functions. Kuka Robotics performs developing, manufacturing and distribution of industrial and service robots, robot controllers and software. Kuka Swisslog offers automated solutions for warehouses, hospitals, and other distribution centers. The company has its headquarters in Augsburg, Germany, and is a subsidiary of Mecca International.


  1. Adept Technology: Founded in 1983 and headquartered in California. Adept Technology designs, manufactures and sells industrial and mobile robots for electronics, food, semiconductor, warehouse/logistics, medical, and automotive markets worldwide. The company has its operations in two verticals, Robotics, and Services & Support. The company offers fixed robots (parallel, 6-axis, a selective compliance assembly robot arm (SCARA), and linear modules), and mobile robots (such as Adept Lynx, Adept Lynx Courier, Adept Lynx Transporter-Semi, Adept Lynx Handler-Semi, Adept Lynx Conveyor, Adept Lynx Cart Transporter and Adept Enterprise Manager). Some other prominent products of the company are Adept SmartController, Adept SmartVision, Adept ACE, ACE PackXpert, AdeptSight and Adept ePLC Connect server software.



  1. iRobot Corporation: iRobot offers a range of robotic solutions for the consumer market worldwide. Some of its prominent robotic products and services are Roomba (floor vacuuming); Braava (floor mopping); Mirra Pool Cleaning Robot (residential pool cleaning) and Looj Gutter Cleaning Robot. The company was founded in 1990 and is headquartered in Bedford, Massachusetts.



  1. Aerovironment, Inc.: AeroVironment designs, manufactures, operates and supports unmanned aircraft systems and efficient energy systems worldwide. The company also has small UAS products for catering to the surveillance, intelligence, communications, combat assessment, tracking, and geographical data needs of the tactical unit. The company was founded in 1971 and is headquartered in Monrovia, California.


  1. Northrop Grumman: The Company operates as a security provider for government and private customers worldwide. It provides systems, products, and solutions in the autonomous space: C4ISR; strike; and logistics & modernization. The company operates in three vertical segments as Mission Systems, Aerospace Systems & Technology Services. Northrop Grumman Corporation was founded in 1939 and based in Falls Church, Virginia.


  1. ECA Group: The robotic and integrated systems segment of the company proudly equips 9 of the 10 largest armies in the world. The company is the leader in offering AUVs for detecting and destructing mines. Integrating its expertise in designing drones and in developing integrated systems, the company offers a comprehensive range of solutions adapted for various sectors like defence, nuclear power, maritime, oil rigs and industry. The company is also working on a research program in “futuristic robotics systems” with the aim of improving the capacities and performance of all robotized solutions for its customers.
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