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The Rise of Global Whey Protein Market

The Rise of Global Whey Protein MarketWhey protein is known to enhance protein synthesis in muscles, boost immunity, support fat burning, and improve body’s insulin sensitivity. It has developed as one of the most popular dietary supplements due to its easily absorbable nature and strong amino acid profile. Additionally, whey concentrate boosts glutathione production (which is the body’s antioxidant) and also acts as an anti-viral, anti-tumor and chelating agent among others.

The recent rise in the trend of health clubs and fitness centers, keen interests among the youth towards sports and fitness and increasing life expectancy worldwide are some of the key reasons that are leading to the strong growth in the adoption of whey protein in the last decade. Whey is a good source of amino acids that help in reducing the risks of various diseases like cancer, diabetes and heart problems. Whey protein, due to its dietary supplementing and nutritional qualities has, to some extent become an alternative to the medical community, and is growingly more and more popular across all ages. Strong research and developments by manufacturers has resulted in producing new products to suit the market requirements. Additionally, the ease of carrying a bottle of whey protein drink compared to carrying protein-rich foods as fish and chicken has helped in the surging the demand for whey protein. All of these reasons have led to the high acceptance and subsequent growth of the whey protein market across the globe.

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Geographically, Europe is by far the largest market in the Whey Protein industry, mainly because of the increased penetration of healthcare services coupled with an increased interest in fitness among the geriatric population in the region. Governments in the region have also taken up many initiatives towards nourishment and healthcare that has fueled the growth of the market in the region. Asia Pacific has witnessed fastest growth over the years, mainly because of the growing R&D opportunities among the manufacturers to develop new and innovative products coupled with growing health concerns among consumers and growing attraction towards western culture. The rising population levels and rapid urbanizations in developing economies like India, China, Malaysia and Indonesia are likely to trigger the growth rate in the coming years. Rising disposable income levels in Latin American countries has been the principal reason for the growth in the region. North America whey protein market has historically held a significant share of the global market, owing to the increased production and distribution levels in many countries. An inclination towards maintaining protein intake with the rising health concerns are resulting in increased demand for whey protein products in the region.

Some of the leading players in this market are Hilmar Cheese Company, Glanbia Plc, Maple Island Inc., Davisco Foods International Inc., Nutribio, Ingredia Inc., Wheyco GmbH, Alpavait, Milkaut SA, Leprino Foods Company, Saputo Inc., Fonterra Cooperative Group Limited, and Agropur Cooperative.

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