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The Natural Beauty Industry Is Booming Worldwide

The global natural and organic beauty industry is robust, with a 2018 valuation of 13.2 billion dollars. At present, natural brands which are perceived as being safer are outselling conventional, non-natural beauty products by double or triple. In America, the natural beauty market has grown by seven percent. USA consumers are interested in using natural beauty products to care for their complexions and/or go for a little glamour with makeup. This growing industry is a great niche for ambitious entrepreneurs who have the capacity to create and market natural beauty products with pure, safe ingredients and skin-boosting properties. Read on to learn more about this booming industry and all that natural beauty products have to offer.

Why are these products so popular?

In the digital age, it’s possible to learn more about the ingredients in conventional, non-natural beauty products. Many consumers are becoming more conscious of the downside of certain common beauty product additives and chemicals. Examples of additives that conscious consumers tend to avoid include parabens, including methylparaben, propylparaben and butylparaben.

A study performed in Britain showed that a cluster of parabens were found in breast tissue in nineteen out of twenty study participants. While the study didn’t prove that these chemicals trigger cancer, it did show that parabens have the capacity to go deep into the skin. Consumers are looking for alternatives and that’s why the natural beauty industry is so strong. Fear of parabens just scratches the surface. There are so many chemicals in typical beauty products which may not be good for human beings.

Consumers want active natural ingredients

While consumers want to avoid chemicals, which may harm their health, they still want beauty product performance. To get what they want, they seek out natural beauty and skin care products that contain active natural ingredients. There are natural ingredients, including glutathione and seaweed extract, which keep the skin looking more youthful, thanks to impressive antioxidant content and other skin-smoothing properties.

Market research isolates opportunities

Manufacturers are responding to consumer demand by offering natural or organic skin care products and makeup which help people to look their best without the chemical downside. Smart entrepreneurs are accessing detailed market research that helps them to isolate the best opportunities in this niche, in America and all around the world. Brands that excel in this niche have authenticity. They prove the pureness and efficacy of products in the spirit of transparency. Even fledgling brands can quickly gain market share in this competitive niche. It’s all about creating truly beneficial products that consumers feel safe using.

Is this niche right for you?

Reviewing market research compiled by the experts is the best way to determine whether this niche offers the right business opportunities. Now that you know more about the growing global demand for natural beauty products, as well as the reason why these products are so appealing to consumers, you’ll be ready to pursue opportunities in the natural beauty industry. Putting your money into a market that’s booming is a smart strategy, but you need the facts first. That’s where intensive market research comes in.

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