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SIX INCREDIBLE GIANTS OF GLOBAL BEER MARKET ONE MUST KNOWBeer, the world’s oldest and the most extensively consumed alcohol drink; it is the third largest popular drinks all over the globe, following tea and water. The manufacturing of beer is known as brewing, which includes the effervescence of sugars, mainly borrowed from starches. Generally, beer is seasoned with hops, that boosts bitterness and act as a natural defense, also other flavors are infrequently included. The carbonation effect is acquired by the fermentation process, though it is eradicated along the processing and regained with enforced carbonation. The beer market is a global business that consists of assorted leading multinational giants and abounding thousand of small scale companies ranging from pubs to regional breweries.

Hypermarket and Supermarket are estimated to be leading the market in 2016. They hold the lion share in distribution channel segment of the market. Hypermarket and Supermarket are the biggest structure of grocery running with varied products. Beer and other drinks are few of the most general products available in the hypermarket and supermarket product segment. Liquor Specialists Stores is the biggest market in the beer market after hypermarket and supermarket. Change in the lifestyle and habits of consuming alcohol, recognition of beer products amid youth, and speedy urbanization and huge disposable income are the leading the growth in the beer market.

The top companies of the global beer market one must know

Anheuser-Busch InBev

Anheuser-Busch InBev also was known as AB InBev located in Leuven is the dominating global brewer and ranks in the world’s finest five consumer product companies. Few of its beer brands available globally are Corona, Budweiser, and Stella Artois. Leffe, Hoegaarden and Beck’s are its well-known international brands.

Boston Beer

Boston beer was endowed in 1984; it is headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts. It produces and distributes its product in the Europe, US, Mexico, Central and South America, Canada, New Zealand and the Caribbean. One of the popular labels of Boston Beer is Samuel Adams.

Carlsberg Group

Carlsberg Group is the fourth biggest brewer globally, located in Denmark, Copenhagen. The brand portfolio of the company is categorized into flavors and types. Carlsberg Beer is its flagship brand. Currently, Carlsberg Group is the dominating seller of beer in Russia, with a market share of 40%.


Diageo is a European company and one of the eye-catching beer dealers. In alcohol beverages, it is well known globally, with an excellent accumulation of brands across beer, wine, and spirit. Red Stripe, Smirnoff, and Jamaican Lager are its most well-known brands.


Heineken established in 1864, offers soft drinks, beer, cider and other beverages. Its headquarters are in Amsterdam, Netherland. The company is mainly occupied in brewing and trading beer all over the globe. Except for Heineken; Amstel, desperados, and Sol are its other well-known brands.

Yanjing Beer

Yanjing Beer often described as “the real taste of China”. It influences 11% of the China market share. The establishment of Beijing Yanjing Beer Group Corporation was done in 1993. Nevertheless, its brewery merged in early 1980. Yanjing Beer is one of the legitimate beer sponsors of the Bejing Summer Olympics.

Strict rules and regulations amid varied regions, health risks related to consumption of beer, and accessibility to alternate products are few of the reasons that are inhibiting the growth of beer market. The top players in the market are facing challenges in high taxation and constraint on advertising in particular countries.

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