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Single Cell Market – Growing Biopharmaceutical and Biotechnology Industry

Single Cell Market - Growing Biopharmaceutical and Biotechnology Industry

Measuring and analyzing cellular heterogeneity using single-cell analysis enables one to uncover the mystery in gene expression profiles between individual cells. Finding applications in fields like immunological research, cancer research, stem cells research and neurological research, this technology is being increasingly used at biotechnology & biopharmaceutical companies, academic institutes, and cell banks & IVF centers. The single-cell analysis helps scientists to look at the myriad complex physiological cells, both in normal and the diseased states, thus allowing the conduct of biotechnology research that is not possible by traditional means. A growing single cell analysis market hence dramatically contributes to the high growth of the Biopharmaceutical and Biotechnology Industry.

Increasing global geriatric population, a high prevalence of infectious diseases, increasing number of joint ventures among companies to have shared research in the area of single-cell analysis, growing government support towards R&D on single-cell analysis and new and rapid advancements in single-cell analysis products are some of the key drivers responsible for the growth of the market. NIH (a regular contributor towards advancements in cellular research), for example, has sponsored research and provided the funding to Bell Biosystems which has been one of the most extensive financings in the domain. The booming medical tourism industry is also catalyzing the growth of this market as it helps in steady investment influx within the industry. IVF procedures, which were previously considered as a taboo in many developing regions, are also gaining acceptance rapidly, which has also fuelled the growth in this area.  Additionally, encouraging advancements in stem cell research and the integration of single-cell analysis with microfluidics are providing increasing opportunities for companies to manufacture the required instruments.

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While North America is the dominant contributor, Europe is also likely to remain valuable geography in the global single-cell market. APAC is rapidly evolving, and this growth is expected to be led by China and India, primarily due to the growing healthcare expenditures, increasing consumer awareness, higher prevalence of infectious diseases such as cancer, and a growing patient population in these countries. Market players globally have also been gradually entering into various agreements to enhance product reach, and thus leverage the enormous growth opportunities. To cite an instance, 10x Genomics has entered into agreements with Millennium Science, MDxK, Star Research Technology Ltd. and Research Instruments Pte Ltd to enhance the sales, marketing and service support for 10x’s Chromium System in Asia and Australia.

While the end users of the single-cell analysis products are biopharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, Cell banks and IVF centers, Hospitals and diagnostics laboratories and academics, the biopharmaceutical and biotechnology companies are set to gain the highest. They presently hold the highest market share, and are likely to be the same because of the nature of the single-cell analysis products to help in finding cure. Some major players operating in the global single-cell analysis market include Beckman Coulter, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Illumina, Becton Dickinson, QIAGEN N.V., Bio-Rad Laboratories, Nanostring technologies, Merck KGaA, Fluidigm Corporation and Agilent Technologies among others.

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