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Knowing Social Media Communication With Relation To Donuts Can Help Increasing Site Traffic

In social media, communication is an essential thing that will enable you to connect with your followers. Understanding social media communication is not easy but it can be simplified a bit by relating it with donuts, something that everyone loves.

  • Social media is slowly but surely making its presence felt in almost all aspects of human lives and businesses as well. It is the most popular platform on the web, where you will get different networks that has different requirements.
  • The effect of social media is so much that today even sites and services that do not have any social features also have a Facebook or Google+ like button somewhere on their web page. This helps them to spread the word that they exist.

Social media is a revolution, though it is difficult for someone new to the internet to understand the social aspects of the web. This means that they will also be unaware of the differences in social media services as well.

Well, all these can be resolved quickly with the help of a donut analogy! This is a Douglas Wray approach wherein a whiteboard breakdown of all the major social media networks was explained along with their difference with a simple example of a donut, and this even found a place on Instagram, the photo-sharing app.

Different users communicate differently

Users of different social channels communicate differently because each social network caters to a different type of users. To find success in your communication as well as your social media strategy to gain more organic traffic to your site, it is paramount that you understand clearly how each user communicates on each platform.

You cannot copy and paste your Twitter content on Facebook or vice versa. You will need to follow the requirements of each social network. However, this does not mean that you cannot share the same subject matter. The only thing you should remember is that the content you wish to post reflects the style of communication of each of the social channels.

For example:

  • For Twitter, you will write, “I’m eating a #donut.”
  • For Facebook, “I like donuts.”
  • For your Instagram followers, something like “Here is a vintage photo of my donut.”
  • For LinkedIn, you may write, “My skills include donut eating.”
  • For YouTube, be direct like “Here I am eating a donut” and
  • For Google Plus, write, “I’m a Google employee who eats donuts.”

However, irrespective of the social channel, the best policy is to be short, sweet, and simple. Make your content to the point and a matter of fact. This will also ensure that you stay within the limitations of characters, which once again can be different for different networks.

Pro tip: Consider creating content for social media platforms as crafting a headline for your blog.

The changes to notice

All of the above examples of communication across different social channels are the original version of the Douglas Wray approach, and that was way back in 2012. What the memes said then may not work as well as it did then if the same principle is followed. You will need to keep up with the changes in social media, and there has been a lot of these changes in the past seven years.

Therefore, in 2019 and beyond social media, donuts should come with a different flavor! Consequently, you will need to update the commentary of Douglas to be effective in 2019. This will enable you to make changes in the versions and present the social media donuts memes in an entirely different way, keeping the subject matter almost the same.

However, when you post, make sure that:

  • You credit where it is due and obviously
  • Check out others, but do not steal.

This will take you a long way in establishing a relationship with your social followers though screenshotting on social media and re-Instagramming is the usual norm now.

Find and know your audience

Social media marketing involves your target audience, and you will need to find them, understand them, and use your knowledge to the fullest to drive them towards your site. You may have heard a lot about this before, but putting this into practice can be intimidating. You may do not know who your target audience is and where and how to find them. Well, here is a simple process.

  • First, you must understand the setting of each of the social media platforms. This is important because everyone who uses Facebook may not use Instagram or LinkedIn. People are more attracted to specific platforms for a variety of reasons.
  • Next, you will need to know the expectations of each user on each social platform when it comes to communication. Their expectations will differ from one person to another as well just as the type of communication on different social channels differ.

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, you will need to understand the social mechanics or rules of each of the social sites. All these will enable you to cater to the needs of different users on different social channels.

A new way of connecting with people

Social media has changed the way people connect now. It is much more engaging now, and it is all due to the changes in three specific aspects of social media such as:

  • Its design
  • Branding and
  • Its strategy.

Today, you may even talk to other followers on this media, and sometimes you may also be excluded from it. This means talking to people may be valuable to you but may not always be actionable. To make it fruitful, you will need to understand:

  • The real goal of talking
  • The social media offers and
  • The appropriate time to get engaged.

This knowledge is essential because today, social media communication is no more a chit chat. It has become the most effective and powerful platform for businesses to use to spread their word and advertise their products and services. Even the smallest percentage of the billions of users on these social platforms will significantly help you to draw massive traffic to your site.

Author Bio –

Kristen Smith has been working on the importance of social media in marketing with thousands of real Instagram followers for her postings.


Author: Kristen Smith

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