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How Tableau Is Paving the Way for Big Changes in Your Industry

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Tableau is a business intelligence software that has the potential to change how you view analytical data and how you apply it. As a software, Tableau has grown by leaps and bounds in recent years and the fact that the Global Business Intelligence market is predicted to grow at a CAGR of 9.51% between 2018-2026, has added to its popularity. 

Given that nearly every aspect of life can be tracked and analyzed, how you choose to work with that data can change the future of your business. 

Are you ready to reach new goals and exceed expectations? Let us help you discover the many applications of Tableau software that you should be implementing in your business today. 

Set Goals for Collaboration Between Staff and Clients

Tableau allows you to gather data, big or small, and securely share it anywhere, with anyone. You can collaborate with team members, clients, shareholders, and contractors all at once. Hiring professionals who already possess Tableau certification can be one step towards making the team aligned with Tableau. Analytics are easily and securely shared. Need that one piece of data to drive home the final selling point to your client? Do you need the same data to collaborate and make a decision with your team on the other side of town? Tableau is everywhere you need it to be, helping you make decisions and set new goals for your business. 

Combine Data from Multiple Locations

Tableau offers a data blending feature that makes it possible to combine separate databases that are not supported by cross-database joins, along with the ability to synchronize data that are acquired at different degrees or levels of detail.

This is an essential feature for big businesses and more giant corporations because it allows you to blend data from all sources to create big-picture analytics seamlessly. With this information, your team is better equipped to make smart business decisions, with a “worldview” perspective 

business intellignce market

Access the Data You Need to Cater to Niche Markets

Niche markets are the driving force that makes your business unique. What do you offer that is different and better than the rest? Why does your client base need you, and not someone else? Each business has the potential to develop a niche market that will help skyrocket them to success.

Tableau can help your business discover its niche market and learn how to cater to it. By taking big data and breaking it down into smaller, digestible bits, Tableau lets you see the real driving forces behind consumer patterns and revenue growth. If you only know the plot, you are missing out on the best parts of the story. Tableau analytics can work to grow your business by helping you see the small details and influences in your niche markets. 

Demystify Your Market with Hidden Insights

Have you heard of the five whys? In business, you should constantly be questioning the process. You should always be asking yourself where you are and why. Are you experiencing unprecedented growth? Why? Have you hit a revenue slump? Why? The idea behind the five whys is that you start with the first why, and for each answer, you ask “why” again, for a total of 5 times. 

How is this related to Tableau? Tableau analytics help you dive further into your data and discover the hidden insights that impact your business on all levels. 

Hidden insights are also great for the stakeholders that have an investment in your business. They have a right to timely data and information on decisions being made. With Tableau, you can create analytics that highlights all the information that is important to your stakeholders in one beautifully visual report. 

Promote Growth with the Three Vs

You have heard their names before; Volume, Variety, and Velocity. The three critical attributes of big data. The refer to the volume of data, the variety of data, and the speed at which data is processed. 

Tableau software is the perfect tool analytical tool for addressing the three Vs. of big data. Tableau can help you build new business models and increase your overall efficiency. What does this mean for your business? Two words that spell success for any business are Revenue and Growth. 

We Have Examples to Prove It

We know that theory and practice are two different things. Understanding how Tableau has the potential to change your business is one thing; seeing it in action is another. Look at these real-life examples of how Tableau software empowers businesses to reach new levels of success. 

Tableau Case Studies, including Silvaris and Camelot Strategic Marketing & Media.

Examples of how the business is using Tableau right. Here is a list showcasing some of the best dashboards across several industries. 

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