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How is Youtube Gaming Altering the Trends of the Gaming Industry?

A millennial kid can proclaim that he used to laze at his home for hours to play the retro video games alongside his friends and they’d take long and dragging hours to go ahead through the levels in “The Adventure of Link” or Super Mario 64 and would spend the school days exchanging and stacking rare Pokémon cards till they’d get all 151 of them. Over the next few years, the gaming market provided with controllers and the age-old Joysticks, and Game Boy data link cables, which paved the way to multiplayer networking connections and PC LAN parties. Nowadays, the living room of the same person would probably resemble a virtual platform, where the gamers would interact over chat boxes and vlogs to share their experiences and Easter egg findings within the updated or newer multiplayer games versions. 

Esports has been considered as the most popular business segment in the gaming industry, which relies on the media business alike to promote and gain support for the preferred game of choice and his experience through it. One can wonder if the current hype for the Esports will persist for some time or will it stay for long?

Regardless of the future status of the professional gaming scenario, it is expected that in the next decade, the underlying trends within the Esports will be influencing the overall future of games and digital media. The attention that is set for gaming is not just for individual satisfaction but to figure out how would the gaming market will pan out. Will it be the next big thing, or will it be the trend that would be topped over the pop culture scenario for just a few years? Current numbers suggest that the gaming industry is massive and it had lasted for at least a decade. Online streaming platforms, particularly for gaming had surfaced in the last few years in the form of Twitch, YouTube, Meerkat, YouNow, YouTube Gaming, Periscope, etc. The influencers and professional gamers share their video logging (vlogs) about their experience or opinions with regards to gaming essentially, which helps create many new dimensional possibilities to live viewing. The latter used to be predominantly covered for Reality Shows depicting adventures, opinions creations, the consumer fails, etc. in the last few years.

The high usage of YouTube as a video platform for the release of music content is being head-butted by game video content. It is facilitating growth-inducing competitions among the crowd that is generating gameplay circumstances that are shared and actively watched by multitudes of consumers. The community in YouTube who form the major viewers of the gaming setups are an enthusiastic and influential bunch panning across the world. According to them, evolving or levelling up through a video game can be very challenging. To accomplish such goals, they would prefer to hone their expertise and abilities by carrying out a different type of strategies to barge through the levels that will subsequently create dynamic gameplays. Almost 75% of the YouTube gamers find the YouTube gaming setups perfect enough to learn how to level themselves up and get better in certain games.

There have been many instances where professional gamers had been recruited by some of the established companies trending in the gaming market. For instance, Richard Tyler Blevins or rather known by his acronym Ninja (NinjasHyper) was approached in 2019, as per reports by the Reuters, by the interactive entertainment software company, Electronic Arts, and they had collaborated to play the game Alex Legends that was live-streamed on his Twitch account and it was further promoted through his Twitter account. He is a professional gamer, an influencer, and a regular streamer on YouTube & Twitch. He has a very large follower crowd across many platforms, and it was a huge opportunity for him to be approached by the said company that further augmented his popularity in the gaming industry. The company is famous for designing and trading some trending digital games such as Sea of Solitude, Anthem, Command & Conquer Rivals, Battle Field, FIFA, NHL, NBA, MADDEN 19, and Need for Speed among others. They had paid “Ninja” for his promotional work a staggering sum of $1 million. Cases like this suggest a lot about the future of the gaming market and how it is etched by the game video contents shared over the social media platforms. The trend of live game streaming that can happen just at the click of a button alongside the free availability of open-source capturing and tools for broadcasting has helped gain many profits. The hours expended for binge-watching the game video content have blown out of proportion magnanimously in the last few years. A large number of content views happen promiscuously to the ones that have garnered explosive amounts of creativity and excessive competition through their unique gameplay moments.YouTube gaming setups also form a potent avenue on the SM platform for reaching out to those demographics that are very complicated to be approached via the traditional channels.

The gaming world has gotten very versatile than the older one, and the newly emerging formats that the current community has embraced will help gain a broader consumer base for the gaming market. That can be achieved through various collaborative and interactive efforts.

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