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HALAL MAKE-UP: COSMETICS TO SATISFY THE SKIN AND THE SOULThe word “Halal” is an Arabic word, which means Permitted or Acceptable in Islam. There is a large Muslim women population who find it difficult to combine beauty and faith. A lot of the mainstream cosmetic products contain alcohol, pig-derived collagen or gelatin, or pig-derived fat which is all considered ‘Haram’ (not permissible).

This is where Halal makeup makes an entry. These cosmetics are free from materials forbidden by the Islamic Law and instead, make cosmetics whose ingredients come from natural sources like plant extracts and raw or unrefined materials. Hence, the demand for Halal cosmetic has increased significantly especially in the predominantly Muslim countries like Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Turkey, Malaysia, etc. Few of the major brands operating in Saudi Arabia include One Pure, Inika, FX Cosmetics, Samina Pure Minerals Makeup Ltd., etc. to name a few.  More and more Muslim women are opting for Halal makeup to suit their lifestyles.

As these cosmetics make use of natural ingredient and do not harm any animals in the making, a large number of people, belonging to various strata of societies are opting for this shift in beauty. Due to the ban on animal testing in 2013 in the EU, and a rising demand for vegan cosmetics, many emerging makeup products contain no animal by-products.

Many new Halal cosmetic brands are emerging, even in Western countries like the US and the UK to cater to their Muslim communities.  Amara Halal Cosmetics (US based), Sample Mineals (UK based), Iba (India based), etc are some of the brands.

Acquiring the trust and loyalty of the consumers is one if the major issues faced by the industry. Also, lack of awareness about the availability of the product is another challenge.   Therefore, based purely on health and ethical benefits, halal cosmetics, therefore, draw in those who adhere to a holistic and all-natural lifestyle, including Muslim consumers.

Read full report here https://www.inkwoodresearch.com/reports/global-beauty-and-personal-care-products-market-forecast-2016-2023/

Karan Khetwani

Author: Karan Khetwani

Digital Marketing Executive at Inkwood Research.

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