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Global Players to Watch Out in the Orthobiologics Market

The orthobiologics are substances that include a wide range of materials, which are used by orthopaedic surgeons in the treatment of healing the broken bones, injured muscles, tendons, and ligaments. The ever-growing old-age population, rise in orthopedic disease incidences, and technological up-gradation are majorly contributing to the demand for the global orthobiologics market.
The market is witnessing the emergence of companies manufacturing innovative and a wide range of products. As a result, companies are strategically focusing on mergers, acquisitions, and investments so as to enhance their position in the global market.
Inkwood Research, Detailed 10 Eminent Players of the Global Orthobiologics Market:

  1. RTI Surgical, Inc.
    RTI Surgical, Inc. is an American surgical implant company headquartered in Marquette, Michigan. Its products include sports medicine implants, surgical specialties, orthobiologics, spine implants, etc. and develops biologic, synthetic and metal implants. It also offers spine implants, DBM putties, cellular allogeneic bone graft, cancellous spacer, etc. and has manufacturing facilities across Europe and the US.
  2. NUVASIVE, Inc.
    NuVasive Inc. is an American medical device company, having sales in more than thirty countries across the world. It is developing a minimally disruptive surgical procedure for the spine and sells its products to hospitals and surgeons. It is headquartered in California and operates globally in Puerto Rico, Italy, Germany, Australia, Singapore, Spain, Japan, and the United Kingdom. Its products include VuePoint OCT System and Formagraft.
  3. Integra Life Sciences Holdings Corporation
    Integra Life Sciences Holdings Corporation is an American company that manufactures medical instruments, surgical implants for use in orthopaedic, general surgery, neurosurgery, etc. headquartered in Plainsboro, New Jersey. It operates in two segments, Specialty Surgical solution, and Orthopedic & Tissue Technologies. The products include Trel-X, Trel-XC, along with devices and implants for the spine, hand, and wrist. It delivers innovative, high-quality solutions and is a leader of the medical technology in the world.
  4. CONMED Corporation
    ConMed Corporation is an American medical technology company that manufactures surgical devices and instruments for minimally invasive procedures and is headquartered in New York. Its products include Sterilization Trays, Allograft Tendons, and MicroLap speciality Instruments. The other ranges of products include reconstructive systems, arthroscopes, bronchoscopy devices, thermal tissue system, electrosurgical generators, suction irrigation devices, etc.
  5. Baxter International Inc.
    Baxter International Inc. is an American healthcare company that offers bone, custom-machined allografts such as ATIFUSE, soft-issue, etc. and is headquartered at Illinois. It sells its products to clinicians, rehabilitation centres, hospitals, drug wholesalers, etc. It has a broad portfolio of innovative products. The company has its presence in the countries of Asia-Pacific, Europe, and Africa. It faces stiff competition from companies such as Stryker Corporation.
  6. Medtronic, Inc.
    Medtronic Inc. is an American medical technology company that develops a wide range of medical products, services, therapies, used in the treatment of chronic conditions such as diabetes, spinal conditions, heart diseases, etc. It is headquartered in Minnesota. Its products include PEEK Prevail Cervical Interbody Device, Atlantis Translational Anterior Cervical Plate System, etc. It has operating divisions such as surgical technologies and diabetes, structural heart and endovascular, Cardiac Rhythm Disease Management (CRDM), etc. and serves patients and physicians across the US, Europe, and Asia-Pacific.
  7. Smith and Nephew Plc.
    Smith and Nephew is a medical equipment based company in the UK that specializes in sports medicine, wound care, medical devices, orthopaedic procedures, medical supplies, healthcare, etc. and is headquartered in London. The company’s operations are segmented into wound management, orthopaedic procedures, and endoscopy. Its products include LEGION which helps in restoring the function during the preservation of bone and soft tissue in the reconstructed joint, and JOURNEY II Active Knee, which empowers patients by replacing traditional knee barriers and helps deliver durability and motion.
  8. Stryker Corporation
    Stryker Corporation is an American medical technology company that works in three segments, namely orthopaedic procedures, neurotechnology, and spine segment, and the MedSurg segment. The products include 4Fusion, Accolade II, Asnis Micro System, etc. it is headquartered in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Stryker partnered with AlloSource to provide high quality, innovative biologics for sports medicine procedures.
  9. Exactech Inc.
    Exactech Inc. is an American medical device company that specializes in Spine, Biologic, Orthopedic procedures, Implants, Biotech, and Orthobiologics. It is headquartered in Ohio and sells orthopaedic procedures and devices to physicians and hospitals. It operates offices across many countries of the world. The products manufactured are Primary Femoral and Primary Acetabular. Exactech Inc. shareholders have partnered with TPG Capital, and Exactech Inc. has performed surgeries with Truliant® knee systems.
    AAP Implantate Ag is a German medical device company that specializes in procedures, biomaterials, trauma, bone cement, and orthopaedic procedures. It is headquartered in Berlin and has a large distributive network providing services in more than sixty countries. Its dependence on medical segments and a small product portfolio are the challenges faced by the company. The product manufactured by the company is the LOQTEQ system, which helps surgeons in the efficient use and improvement in operating room procedures.

The orthobiologics market is huge and expanding, which is resulting in intense competition among the players of the market. The emerging economies like India and China with a large population will contribute to ample market growth opportunities. Besides, the wide range of orthobiologics materials, rising demands of spinal surgeries, rising orthopedic diseases, unhealthy lifestyle, rising old-age population, bone diseases, etc. are set to contribute hugely towards the growth of global orthobiologics market.

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