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The healthcare market is a comprehensive term for protective, curative, palliative and rehabilitative medical explanations. In this segment, the services and products offered are from a broad spectrum to complete drug and diagnostics. Constant supervision leading to initial diagnosis is ensured in preventive care. In curative care patient with disability and malfunction are treated. Palliative facilities are for those patients who need professional guidance to regain as well as maintain a healthy life.

Healthcare research reports are open for any business who wants to explore about the forces molding the evolution of healthcare and also to understand the existing opportunities for the business in the healthcare market. Varied challenges faced by the healthcare industry are due medical and technological advancement.  Evolvement in the field of genetics, IT, and nanotechnology are implementing a more personalized approach to healthcare. Mostly out of the hospital setting, we have already come across the development of user-centric healthcare and rising patient empowerment. The average patient concept now seems to be outdated. The recent medical systems standards are now measured in varied parameters which include access to the exclusively available treatment to the patient and to non-institutionalized care, treatment compliance and also a choice of the patient.  Rapidly changing environment and high volatile is enduring the situation for the companies that are active in the global healthcare market. Very few companies have proactively thought about the future of the healthcare industry. Some have just constrained themselves on the thought of industry operation in the past or rather have narrowed their perspective. Leading health awareness, innovation, experts, and technology have given the health care industry overview on future.

Below is the detailed list of healthcare market trends and challenges faced by the healthcare market-

  1. Healthcare cost- health has been the talk of every house these days; the main reason for this is the increased health problems due to lifestyle and constant atmosphere change, and rising awareness among people. But at the same time, the cost of medical treatment are reaching peak which restricts to manage the budget. This is one of the most common challenges faced by the healthcare industry. New cost-saving strategies should be undertaken and amendment in the current strategies is needed. The government has taken the initiative on planning various schemes and health insurances for the people.
  2. Technological advancement- the advancement of technology has covered all the spectrum of the healthcare market. Some of the examples are clinical data analysis help provide plan effectively. Performance monitoring improved the flow of information and creates a value chain in healthcare. Virtual technology, artificial intelligence, and Wearable technology have the potential to change the face of the healthcare market and reconstruct the vision of population health management.
  3. The customer-driven healthcare- the main driver of healthcare market is a patient who is more like consumers. And as consumers, they expect the best care at the most reasonable price. The challenges faced in the consumer-driven healthcare market are a collection of data and privacy, data fragmentation, consumer’s choice, inaccessibility.
  4. Modernization of pharmaceutical industry– many reimbursement and regulatory changes have been done in pharmaceutical companies. The companies involved in pharma are applying new strategies for ensuring their patient that they provide the best possible product. Few pharma companies have also started sharing information with their patients to establish a connect with their customers. Some of the initiatives take by the companies are increasing in the advertising expenditure to increase the sales. And have also restricted the frequent increase of drug price to built trust among its consumers.
  5. Mergers and Acquisition– The healthcare market research has concluded rise in the mergers and acquisition is foreseen in the coming years, to survive the change in the value-based restitution. Growth in partnership, joint ventures, acquisitions, mergers, strategic alliances and affiliations of clinics along with a combined vision to shift from service to performance.

Komal Surana

Author: Komal Surana

Sr. Content Writer and Editor, Inkwood Research

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