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Eminent Players of the Global Animal Nutrition Market

Animal Nutrition market

Animal nutrition is the dietary needs of animals, primarily agricultural and domesticated livestock. The products offered in the animal nutrition market include amino acids, carotenoids, vitamins, minerals, vacuum salts, enzymes and others. The nutrient-rich animal feed provides various health benefits like the improved immune system, fertility, optimal performance and overall growth and well-being of the animals. Due to these benefits, its adoption has increased among animal farmers and modern animal husbandries across the globe, which eventually surges the demand and innovations in feed technology. Thus, the growing consumption and industrialization of animal-based products and services fuel the growth of the global animal nutrition market.

Global Animal nutrition market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 5.94% during the forecast period of 2019-2027.

Below List Provides the Leading Animal Feed Producers in the World:

  1. Cargill –
    The US-based agribusiness giant is a multinational corporation and operates in 67 countries. The company provides various services and products like agriculture nutrition, protein, food ingredients and others. It has a broad consumer base such as farmers, food service providers, industries, and personal care products makers.
  2. Alltech Inc.-
    Alltech Inc., established in 1980, is the US-based company. It offers products like Bioplex and others related to animal health, crop sciences, and human health. The company provides animal feed products with the use of innovative technology like enzyme, algae, nutrigenomics and others.
  3. DSM –
    DSM, the multinational company, headquartered at the Netherlands operates in the field of animal nutrition, health, pharmaceuticals, along with other sectors such as food & beverages, personal care and medical. The company offers nutrient-rich animal feed products, namely Ronozyme NP, Ronozyme ProAct, Ronozyme A and others.
  4. Tyson Foods Inc.-
    Tyson Foods, Inc., a US-based multinational corporation, functioning in the food and agricultural industries. Tyson Foods runs various feed mills to provide animal feed for pig, chicken and cattle across the world.
  5. Elanco-
    Elanco Products Company was launched in 1960 and is headquartered at the United States. The Company is a division of Eli Lily and Company and manufactures animal feed and related products for animal health globally. It offers products like Hemicell, Rumensin, Maxiban, etc. to customers such as veterinarians, food producers and other entities.
  6. Novozymes-
    Novozymes, the multinational company, was founded in 2000 in the kingdom of Denmark. The company manufactures enzymes and microbe-based products which have applications in poultry, aquaculture and animal nutrition. The products offered include Alterion, Floramax, Novozymes PondDtox and others.
  7. Evonik Industries AG-
    Evonik Industries AG is the Germany-based speciality chemicals company. It operates worldwide through Nutrition & care, Resource efficiency, performance materials and services segments. The company offers products like CreAmino, Ecobiol, Biolys (L-Lysine) and other chemicals for applications in consumer goods, animal nutrition and healthcare sector.
  8. Land O’Lakes Inc.-
    Land O’Lakes Inc., the US-based company, was founded in 1921. It operates in agribusiness, food products and dairy products. The company offer animal feed like Purina animal nutrition, Mazuri and Land O’ Lakes feed.
  9. Tata Chemicals Ltd. S.P.A-
    Tata Chemicals Limited, founded in 1939, is one of the leading producers of chemical-based products. The India-based company offers products for areas like agriculture, animal nutrition, pharmaceuticals and food. The company manufactures an animal nutrition product, known as Alkakarb and other agro-products.
  10. BASF SE-
    BASF SE is a Germany-based chemical company and operates in many countries. The company offers nutrition products such as feed additives, vitamins, and enzymes, chemicals, agricultural solutions and performance products.

The ever-increasing animal nutrition market upsurge many prominent manufacturers accompanied by new players with a bright prospect. Moreover, the growing demand for premium quality meat on the global scale has stimulated the growth of animal feed production and exports among various animal feed manufacturers.

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