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Ultraviolet curing (UV curing) is a process of photochemical in which ferocious ultraviolet light is exercised to immediately dry inks, adhesives, and coatings. From the traditional drying method, UV curing has enormous advantages like boost solvent and scratch resistance, facilitate better bonding, enhanced production speed, and reduction in reject rates. UV cure resin is globally adopted by many industries, automotive, telecommunication, electronics, convert metal, plastic decorating, glass, and graphic arts. Global UV curing resin market is a million dollar industry in which industrial industry stands highest in the market. Some of the beneficial characteristics of UV curing resin are no environment pollution, high production in less time, reduction in waste, pollutant emission, and energy use.

Better gloss, improved scratch and abrasion resistance, better chemical resistance, elasticity, bond strength, and adhesion are a number of developed properties seen in UV cure resin.  The technical feature of UV can be measured accurately whereas, the economic value relies on product performance that results in high market share and increased sales. The UV curing resin market is segmented in application, composition and end user. On the basis of application, the UV cured resin market is further categorized into the adhesive market, masking market, inks market, pre-coated gasket market.

The ink market is dominating the UV cure resin market in the application. Raw material supply for ink resin, development of packaging and energy curable inks, environmental protection legislation, technological advancement is up surging the ink market. Intensify on its application and their types with advanced properties are the key factor driving the global ink resin market.  Future growth of this application is reliable on mergers and acquisitions. Demand for electronics industry has led to growth in UV cured resins market as it serves a wide range of application in electronics. Evolving environmental concerns have led to the emergence of eco-friendly resins advancing the UV curable resin market.

The ultraviolet light curing is driving the evolution of photopolymerization technology. The rise in the application of UV resin market is in graphic arts, industrial coating, and electronics industries. High demand of the UV cured resins in end-user industries, enlargement of product portfolios of UV cured resin by manufacturers to deepen the untapped markets, growing demand for green coatings, high demand for raw materials stringent government regulations are other growth drivers in the application segment of UV cured resin market. Current progress in chemistry field of polyester acrylates and epoxy has enhanced opportunities to broaden product portfolios for manufacturers.

Some of the challenges in the market are UV resins are expensive than the conventional resins, low-temperature resistant nature, low export demand, changes in the crude oil prices and UV radiations harmful effect have a negative impact on the market.

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