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The evolvement of tiny molecules therapeutic agents for the prevention and treatment of diseases has been a critical part of the medical practice for many years. The application of naturally owned extracts for the medicinal purpose can be traced thousands of years before. Nonetheless, only in the last half-century, the search for a new drug has made its presence in the sphere of science. The drug discovery history in academic labs and pharmaceutical industry has shown a progress of discovery over a half-century. The era also saw the birth of synthetic organic chemistry which has evolved greatly. Substantial preparation of non-natural drugs or drug candidates was economically profitable. Another revolution was spectrometers which were remarkably powerful. Separation technique was to determine the minute quantity of the active biological natural product. The rational drug design performed poorly giving few successes. This made a return to the empirical method. Growth in the aging population, increase in the spending on healthcare, the rise in diseases are some of the reasons hiking the drug discovery market.

drug discovery market

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The advancement in science is rapid and so is the drug discovery market. Medical research is very thorough and widespread. A number of treatments have been formed even to the most destructive diseases of which few years prior cure was unimaginable. It should also be considered that the treatments and vaccinations that are available for the lethal disease are in effect only when they reach to the patient.

Below are mentioned some of the breakthroughs that took place in the drug discovery market for the treatment of the most lethal diseases.

Drug to eradicate Malaria

Researchers from the different university collaborated together and were able to restrain the supply of proteins to the malaria parasite which is vital for their survival. Researchers also found out that the proteins could get in contact with the RBC by a single entrance. This entrance supports a path to get into the RBC to survive and grow in number. The scientist succeeded to manipulate the function of the entry point in order to not let proteins get in with RBC. This could starve the parasite and eventually kill.

 Improvement in the cancer treatment

Imatinib commonly known as Gleevec is incredible and is considered as a miracle drug for many people. It was approved in 2001 to cure leukemia. The researchers found that the after 5 years of Gleevec therapy 98% of cancer patient displayed a CHR. The survival rate after 5 years hiked to 89% and the recurrence rate falls down to 17%.

Improved Therapy for heart failure treatment

The US food and drug administration had mentioned serelaxin as the improved therapy for acute heart failure. This was concluded on the efficacy and safety outcomes from the later stage trials of the drug. The study also concluded that the drug decreased the death of the patient through cancer by 37% in six months followed by acute heart failure compared to patients receiving regular therapy.

The blend of a new drug can cure cystic fibrosis

The vertex pharmaceutical combination new drug could cure cystic fibrosis. They determined to target the important protein in cystic fibrosis known as cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator. Their significant role is to transfer chloride ions to the lungs and distant from them.

New Drug could cure Most contentious Form of Lung Cancer

Researchers have inaugurated a new drug that treated small lung cancer cell also known as a most lethal form of the disease. Presently, this drug is in clinical trials and can be used to cure patients that have tumors and are suffering from chemotherapy treatment. The drug works by evaluating energy production in cancer cells as a way to restrict the growth of the tumor.

The life quality is undoubtedly rich with these major breakthroughs. However, further testing and research are required before these findings can be implemented for the prosperity of society.

drug discovery market trends

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