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CONSUMER ELECTRONICS REGENERATED WITH INTERNET OF THINGSFrom labor to the machine to devices, technology has uproared far from its establishment and IoT services have added to contrive its path. In the recent years, IoT market has generated a lot of curiosity among the consumers which have proved beneficial for the established business to anticipate the industrial growth.

Internet of things is a smart interconnection between devices through internet technologies. It is not a thing but a service used to manage, give solutions and enhance the usage of the device through internet connectivity. The largest growing application of internet of things market is consumer electronics. It has the around 30 percent of the market share in IOT market.

Consumer electronics are also known as home electronics are electronic or digital devices determined for everyday use mainly in homes and offices. Consumer electronics have bloomed a lot in recent years, evolving of varied products and consumer demand is some of the driving factors.

The devices in consumer electronics include televisions, digital cameras, cell phones, washing machine, video games, kitchen appliances, electrical musical instruments and much more and once connected to IOT services, usage of these devices rise to a whole new level. These products are compressed with digital technologies and their most mergers take place in the computer industry. These have also been referred as consumerization of information technology. These IOT serviced products are not a necessity but due to the high influence of technology in our life, it is very hard for a person to survive without it.

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Some of the most common IoT devices one cannot live without are as follows:

Phone: This can be categorized as the most influential and highly demanding IoT device. As one cannot resume one’s day without it. Phones were initially to communicate with people through calls and text messages. Once they are connected to internet communication can be done in many different ways like by apps, video chatting etc. today’s cell phone can do everything that a man can do i.e even talk. This has eventually led to increasing in the internet of things market too.

Tablets and Computers- Once a luxury has now turned out to be the most necessary equipment for anyone. Computers were initially used only in offices. Now just connect your computer or tablet with an internet device and tones can be done by just sitting at home.

Television- Televisions evolved from black and white to colored and now with the high influential internet of things services. They can be connected to the internet and be used as computers. One can watch online movies, play video games, chat, talk, listen to music etc. One can also access the applications from their phones on their high definition televisions.

Digital camera– The evolution of cameras can be traced from heavy and bulky cameras which could only click black and white photos to colored photos that involved usage of negative films. These films were then developed into colored photo prints. Today’s cameras are handy, sleek and stylish which not only captures HD images but record videos and are user- friendly. They are equipped with memory cards and ability to connect to other devices.

These gadgets and the highly influential technology has transfigured a man’s living and made it more advanced. These devices have increased the consumer electronics market as well as the demand of internet of things market.

Komal Surana

Author: Komal Surana

Sr. Content Writer and Editor, Inkwood Research

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