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Conceiving Parenthood: Demanding Global Infertility Treatments and Testing Market

Conceiving Parenthood: Demanding Global Infertility Treatments and Testing MarketWhen it comes to infertility, the couples trying to expand their family experience pressure, brokenness, anger, shame, guilt, thanks to the cruelty of fellow societal beings. In such situations, the pair either falls apart or gives everything to hold on together and try bringing in positivity. Couples, who work things out find ways through science and technology to help them further.

Fertility awareness procedures are a must try before one even thinks of infertility tests. However, while proceeding with these infertility tests, there are tests for both, women and men like blood and physical tests, biopsy and laparoscopy carried out, men may have their semen analyzed, and women can undergo hysterosalpingogram. Evolving over the years, way back from 1850 up till today, doctors have developed a number of ways to treat this condition or find another solution to assisting reproduction; whichever befits the concerned duo.

Looking Back at the Evolving Infertility Treatment

Artificial Insemination: Shortly after the human egg and sperm cells were discovered, this process of artificially planting semen into a prepped uterus of the conceiving lady took place in 1790; performed by Dr. J Hunter, a surgeon of Scottish origin.

It proves helpful for couples whose infertility remains unexplained or for women facing issues with ovulation.

Introduction of the Donor Sperm: In 1884, the very first artificial insemination case took place with the aid of a sperm donor, single independent women nowadays, all over the world are blessed to become pregnant with the generous anonymous sperm donors. Now, known as Intrauterine Insemination (IUI), it is perhaps the least expensive and simplest procedures.

As for the first case, the doctor-in-charge inserted the semen of one of his medical students into the unconscious, infertile woman. Soon, doctors worldwide were able to offer infertility treatments and the sperm analysis also came into being.

Swiftly Shifting to IVF: Louise Brown or “Superbabe”, was born in July 1978, in England. The first test tube baby, pioneered by Dr. P Steptoe, stands as a breakthrough in Science. Since her birth, over 5 million test tube babies have been born globally. This technique has provided hope to many infertile couples in spite of being expensive.

In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) involves fertilization and zygote formation (of the egg and the sperm) in a Petri dish in a laboratory under controlled conditions. This zygote is then transferred to the woman who wishes to bear the infant out of it. This Process helps improve fertility fitness of the conceiving couple as well as their subsequent generations.

The only drawback that can be found for this procedure is the glaringly low rates of success. The highest rate of success stands for women below 34 years of age, and it keeps decreasing with the rising age.

The Present Day Advanced Treatment Options include Fertility Drugs, Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection, Zygote Intrafallopian Transfer, Gamete Intrafallopian Transfer, Gestational Surrogacy, and Freezing Sperm, Ova (eggs) and even Embryos. Globally, researchers are constantly striving and pushing beyond the boundaries of every possibility with the treatment of IVF and other inexpensive procedures and thus, expanding this field of study.

The revenue generated by the global infertility treatment market is anticipated to grow at a rate of 6.35% CAGR by 2025. The driving forces can be attributed to the increasing infertility state of both male and female in the world. While the global male infertility market has been growing at a 5.68% CAGR (2017-2021), the female infertility market is not far behind, at an estimated growth of 4.7% CAGR by 2022.

Geographically, the entire globe will be witnessing a surge in the infertility treatment procedures owing to increasing infertility cases as well as developing and growing medical tourism across the globe. Europe is being forecasted to leap ahead driven by the high rate of embracing new techniques and comfortable insurance policies. North America is expected to hold on to its dominance on the global infertility treatment market owing to the region’s highly sophisticated medical infrastructure. The increasing government intervention through expenditure and policy initiatives to create and spread awareness has led to the growth of infertility treatment market in the Asia-Pacific region.

The over-the-top hype of investing and opting for products that use generic and Ayurvedic ways of approach has only intensified the competition for the technological ways of infertility treatments worldwide. This competition only promises to grow in the future. Even with all of this competition in the market, there are companies making a mark in their field, namely, Hamilton Throne Ltd (United States), Labotect GmBH (Germany), Boston IVF, Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc., SoMATEX Medical Technologies GmBH (Germany), Surelife Pte Ltd. (Singapore) and Microtech IVF s.r.o. (Czech Republic).

The IVF Market

Globally, the In-vitro Fertilization market is estimated to grow at 10.5% CAGR from 2017. This can be credited to abundant availability of IVF clinics, high rates of procedural success and increasing fertility tourism trend. Specifically, Japan is forecasted to lead this Asia-Pacific market.

Problematic Orthodox Thinking is stinking up the Happiness: challenge

Many religiously obsessed individual shame the couple that is trying to conceive a child. They shun away the infertile women and coax their sons to remarry, blindly even following that male being could never be infertile. Even, surrogacy is held in disdain, the entire concept of a third person (perhaps a virgin) bearing the child that is not hers is looked down upon by society even today.

Moreover, this advancement in Science has its bane as well. It not only creates pressure on the trying couple but also, numerous fertility clinics are indulging in foul play. The most disturbing and alarming thing being genetically modifying in the zygote, the gene pool or traits or characteristics of the child to be born. It at times, even involves crafting the sex of the baby which is not only illegal but also, unethical.

What Does the Future Hold for Us?

This is a question that fills in both awe and awry as Science is neutral. It is on us how we use it. The infertility treatments had been devised solely to gift the happiness and joy of having a child for the less fortunate couples. However, the direction in which the trail of human thoughts are headed, only profit maximization, makes the Government rethink before passing any bill in favor for embracing new advancements in the field of conceiving, childbirth and fertility treatments.


Author: Clive Cooper

Senior Digital Marketing Manager at Inkwood Research

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