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Beta Glucan: Functional Ingredient in Skincare Products

Beta-Glucans or β-Glucans are polysaccharides occurring naturally in the cell walls of fungi, yeast, bacteria, and cereals. The natural fibre was widely used in many sectors owing to its various biological effects such as to assist in controlling high cholesterol levels, diabetes, and other cardiovascular diseases. Though many cereal & fungal based products were used for medicinal and cosmetics purposes from centuries, the specific role of beta-glucan was explored in the 20th century. The fibre was initially discovered in lichens, and later in barley. The role of oat bran in lowering cholesterol was first reported in 1981, which arose the interest in oat β-glucan. Also, in 1997 FDA approved the claim that dietary intake of beta glucan fibre from oats decreases absorption of cholesterol and reduces the risk of heart diseases. Since these developments, the role and benefits of beta glucan ingredient are being explored in many sectors such as food supplements, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics, among others.
Role of Beta Glucan in Skincare:
Skincare market comprises of both cosmetics and medical products that help in enhancing the beauty and tackle skin-related issues like rashes, acne, psoriasis, and other skin conditions. The high incorporation of beta glucan in these products owes to its beneficial properties like moisturizing, anti-irritant, and anti-aging, along with growing inclination of people towards organic skincare products. Also, the use of beta glucan in face creams, ointments, powder and other products is preferred as it has little or no side effects. Thus, the increasing usages of beta glucan in the skincare industry drive its market growth.
Further, the beta glucan protects the skin from environmental damages and irritation. The molecules of beta glucan link together on the surface to form a thin and undetectable protective layer which boosts the natural barrier and protects the skin. The barrier-boosting function of the ingredient helps in treating dermatitis, eczema and others. The fibre also aids in healing wounds and burns. Additionally, the oats-based beta glucan can penetrate epidermis and dermis to hydrate the skin deeply. The thin layer due to beta glucan locks moisture inside the skin, thereby makes the skin smooth & supple by preventing moisture loss.
Moreover, the beta glucan acts as an anti-aging agent by increasing the production of collagen. This increased collagen production along with stimulation of fibroblast helps in reducing numerous signs of ageing such as fine lines, crow’s feet, wrinkles, cellulite, and acne, among others. The ingredient’s anti-irritation property has increased its usages in sunscreens to prevent redness. These advantages of beta glucan for skin compelled cosmetics companies to invest in the beta glucan based products, in turn boosting its market growth. Besides, the ongoing research of cosmeceutical drinks containing beta glucan is fueling the demand for the fibre from cosmetics industries.
Thus, the mounting growth of the market attributes to the surging stress on the beta glucan based skincare products along with growing research activities. As a result, the advancements in oats derived beta glucan products are underway to make the cosmetic products less expensive and boost the cosmetics industry. Therefore, the thriving skincare market with its widening incorporation of beta glucan ingredient showcases a bright prospect for the beta glucan market globally.

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