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Artificial Intelligence Is Widening the Creative Arena and Our Grip on Reality

Artificial Intelligence is widening the creative arena and our grip on realitySince the fabrication of computers, their ability to accomplish varied functions has evolved significantly. With the evolution of time, there was development in the computer systems due to their usage in diverse domains, the rapid increase in speed, and reducing size. Artificial intelligence is a part of computer science that develop intelligence in computers or machines. John McCarthy, the father of AI, defines it as “the science and engineering of creating intelligent machines, specifically intellectual computer programs.”

A digital computer or robot controlled by a computer performs the task of developing systems equipped with the characteristics of human-like ability to discover, reason, generalize, learn, and recognize from the past experience. Despite constant advancement, there is no program matching human intelligence over extensive arena or in the everyday functioning of the task. However, in this limited sense, artificial intelligence has established applications as diverse as technology & telecommunications, retail, banking, financial service & insurance, automotive and transportation, agriculture, media & entertainment, manufacturing, resources & utilities, education, healthcare, and others.

At present, audio and videos can be produced in two ways that mirror the real world. Machine learning algorithms offer a third option by allowing a small amount of technical knowledge that will aid to recreate from the original content. Deep learning created content was not equipped with photorealism. Google’s deep dreams launched in 2015 utilize deep learning to handle multi-colored landscapes and varied eye anomaly. In 2016, Prisma, a photo editing app utilized deep learning to boost up the filters for an artistic photo. Machine learning can recognize parts of the face or the characteristics amid background and foreground precisely. Photoshop is a great example of manipulating the pixels. But now professionals are trying to manipulate content that is depicted by the pixels like using zebrafication tool to change shots of the horse into believable photos of zebra.

The technologies fundamental in this shift will further thrust us into a new creative realm, deepening the ability of the artists and inspiring the amateurs to catch up the pros. A new definition of creativity that widens the comprehensive term to the turnout of machines. But the dark side to this boom is the usage of AI content to deceive, kick of fear, fake news, etc.

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There’s nothing that can cease the evolving wave of artificial intelligence generated content. At the lowest, political operatives and scammers can use algorithms of machine learning to create misinformation. Since social networking precisely transfers attractive content, the output of this system will develop maximum like, share and clicks. On the other hand, Algorithm powering style is gaining accuracy, deep learning inculcating photo style like the nighttime ambiance into a snapshot of desolate downtown, fooling the reviewers, thinking the place is real. Also, Spotify the largest music service across the globe is actively augmenting the technology by using artificial intelligence, big data, and machine learning to enhance their service and drive success.

These two sides of AI, as it develops, will replicate human actions more closely. Ultimately, by no choice, it will become all the more human which will be capable of both good and bad at equal measure.

Komal Surana

Author: Komal Surana

Sr. Content Writer and Editor, Inkwood Research

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