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A brief look at the trendsetters in the Infant formula & Baby Food market

A BRIEF LOOK AT THE TRENDSETTERS IN THE INFANT FORMULA & BABY FOOD MARKETThe last hundred years have seen a great upswing in commercial food markets, owing to improved agriculture, logistics, technology and access to capital. Canned foods started making inroads in the west long before modern days, probably somewhere around the turn of the 20th century. This has improved food consumption to phenomenal degrees and made commercial food production and consumption cheaper.

Infant formula & Baby foods are a part of this whole commercial food industry which play a pivotal role in providing cheap and reliable nutrition to infants. The baby food industry is perhaps one of those that will never lose their sheen because of products ever-required nature.

This brings us to unraveling and understanding the top five movers and shakers of the global infant formula & baby food market:

1) Nestle Baby Organic Foods: Nestle, the world leader in canned foods has already taken a step ahead when it comes to making nutritious baby food. They have introduced organic baby food, thus making a mark in the organic baby food market and taking the lead for others to follow.

2)  Heinz Baby Food: Heinz claims to add ingredients that are usually found in the kitchen, meanwhile also jumping on the organic food bandwagon to provide hundred percent natural nutrition for infants.

3) Earths Best Organic Baby Food: This is not what they claim, but rather the name of the brand. The brand has been making waves in North America since the last few years due to their organic baby food range. Earths Organic has the potential to challenge key players in the industry such as the two listed above.

4) Plum Organics: What distinguishes the makers of this baby food is the packaging and the aesthetics. The millennial generation of parents might now want to see their infants food in a metal can and might have prompted Plum Organics to package their organic baby food inside plastic pouches. This attractive packaging strategy has surely made a dent in the baby food market trends.

5)  Peter Rabbit Organics: Coming straight from Oregon, USA, this baby food brand avoids the use of sugar in their products as much as a dilution in water. This keeps the food healthy and devoid of water to maintain the concentration and purity of their product.

Now let us take a look at some of the top market trends in the global infant formula & baby food market

  1. Introducing Pouch Packaged Foods: The era of baby food canned inside a tin or plastic can has long gone. The 2010s have seen the packaging of baby foods in food grade plastic pouches that can be easily used for pouring the food in a vessel/container or straight to the dish.
  2. Organic Baby Foods: A quick baby food market analysis shows that organic baby food is not catching up fast, but has already arrived on the scene. Nowadays, serving an organic delicacy to one’s infant is not a niche practice but rather a practice that has gone mainstream.
  3. Top Flavors in the Market: The latest baby food market trends bring into the light new flavors that one would not typically associate with baby food. These new flavors include fruits and veggies like pear, blueberry, carrot, banana, apples, kale and avocado. If this wasn’t enough, some of the dominant players in the baby food market are also considering introducing flavors such as chicken casserole and beef medley.


The baby food market has essentially become all organic or at the least is on the verge of becoming one. The key players in the industry have taken the organic path since most of the parents of today’s infants are early millennials. However, the most important conclusion made out of recent baby food market analysis shows the market is predicted to skyrocket in the coming years with an annual growth of 10 percent per year. Also, local North American brands have again made it big due to factors like concerns over sourcing, awareness about manufacturers and an overall increase in eco-friendly farming methods.

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