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10 Popular Essential Oil Diffusers to Watch Out in 2020

Essential Oil Diffusers: A Brief Standpoint
Essential oils are natural extracts from the flowers, stems, and leaves of the plants, either through steam or water distillation, or cold pressing. They are also known as volatile oils. Quite contrary to what the name suggests, these oils do not necessarily mean essential. The name merely suggests the essence of the fragrance of the plant it is extracted from. The essential oils entail several medicinal and therapeutic properties. They are increasingly preferred with the rising demand for personal care across the globe. They have been acclaimed of promoting sound sleep, relieving pain and headaches, and improving skin conditions, etc. One of the most common ways to use essential oils is to inhale them, but they can also be used as humidifiers and diffusers, along with diluting and applying it on the skin.
The mechanism of the essential oil diffusers is such that it ‘diffuses’ the essential oils into the air for inhalation, and results in easy absorption by the body. Most of the essential oils release pleasant scents into the air through the medium of a diffuser, purging the air of bacteria and fungus along the way. There are four basic categories of diffusers with their own benefits and limitations, namely, Ultrasonic, Heat, Evaporative, and Nebulizer.
The ultrasonic diffuser makes use of ultrasonic vibrations and water to diffuse molecules into the air through a fine mist. It can be inhaled safely, and the device can function as a humidifier. The heat diffuser works upon providing sufficient heat to the essential oil resulting in its evaporation. It is cost-effective, but are not generally approved by most professionals. The evaporative diffuser works upon placing a drop on porous materials, and as the molecules evaporate from the surfaces, it diffuses the oil into the air. The mechanism of the nebulizer diffuser makes use of the atomizer resulting in the creation of fine and absorbent airborne particles, which are then dispersed into the air. It is expensive and needs extra effort in cleaning up. As compared to other diffusers, the oil runs out much faster in the nebulizer diffuser.
Here are the top 10 picks for essential oil diffusers by Inkwood Research:

  1. InnoGear Diffuser
    It is placed first in the best-selling category in Amazon’s home fragrance accessories section. It boasts of a stunning wood-grain exterior, with a generous range of seven light colors, along with four time-output settings.
  2. VicTsing Cool Mist Ultrasonic Diffuser
    This diffuser encompasses a wood-grain exterior, a continuous cooling mist output of 10 hours, a screw-on cap, automatic shutoff, and an optional timer. It boasts of a silent operating process as a result of ultrasound technology.
  3. Smiley Daisy Hibiscus Essential Oil Diffuser
    This is for those who seek more natural-looking diffuser. It has a unique seed-pod design, and disperses one of the strongest and effective streams of mist, among other diffusers in the market.
  4. Asakuki Premium Essential Oil Diffuser
    This diffuser is a relief for those seeking size for their diffusers. It has a tank of 700-milliliter and can hold twice the water as compared to other models. This makes it apt for vast spaces, like yoga studios.
  5. Dularf smart essential oil diffuser
    The ultrasonic wood grain Dularf diffuser will be a good match for the smart home enthusiasts. It can be activated using voice and connects to both, Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. It also offers customization in terms of color, timer, intensity, brightness, and color.
  6. SpaRoom Aromifier
    This diffuser promises portability and works within the comfort of a USB. It also runs on two AA batteries, which makes it portable, and thus stand out.
  7. Aroma Outfitters Galaxy 3D Glass Diffuser
    This is one of the most sought after products in its category in Amazon. This is attributed to its large water tank, and the right hours run time and its captivating LED lights. The appearance like that of a celestial light show in a crystal ball is another bonus point.
  8. Vitruvi Stone Diffuser
    This diffuser ejects 2.3 fluid ounces of water per hour and is easier to clean. It comes with a chic porcelain finish and sturdy legs. It plays the role of both, a diffuser and a humidifier, making it suitable for those wanting the scent and moisture.
  9. EO Products Everyone Aromatherapy Diffuser
    One of the most potent oil diffusers, use an internal fan to diffuse scents all around, along with offering ease in mobility. It also provides smooth operating of its multiple settings and nightlight functions, using only two buttons. It is a great companion for stressful days.
  10. Stadler Form Jasmine Aroma Diffuser
    This ultrasonic five by three inches diffuser is suitable for spaces of 540 square feet. Its 24 hours run time, and efficient maintenance results in it being a favorable option for both, office and home. The Swiss-engineered and designed diffuser has multiple mist-interval settings, along with a safety shut-off feature, named as Jasmine.
    The essential oil diffusers are the latest trend in the market. The use of essential oil diffusers not only adds aroma to the room but also results in several health benefits for the household. The essential oil diffusers find their applications in aromatherapy. It is also one of the most convenient ways to improve sleep, boost energy, and promote good health. These handy devices act a safer alternative to air fresheners, and promote overall wellness while freshening up the spaces.

Author: Akhil Nair

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